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Wednesday, 18 June 2008

VC21RB1 board comes alive..

Three posts in one day... A crowded house ;) and probably the topic of some kids docturate somewhere

Hopefully the Virtual Cogs guys aren't reading this (sorry Tarun and Dan if you are). I pushed them at the end of last year to release some example code to driver the motor controller board, VC21RB1. Huge credit to them they did release more than expected. Including a lovely way of using I2C to communicate between the VCMX212 and VC21RB1 :D

Since receiving the Virtual Cogs boards I couldn't remember if I had even tried to determine if the VC21RB1 board was working. All the other delivered boards I had tried, think this one was waiting for some test software before I tried it out. Anyway..

Last night I grabbed the VC21RB1 I2C demo code and apps from the VC wiki. Sorted out a new OpenOCD server connection to the VC21RB1 JTAG. And tried reflashing the VC21RB1 with the example code, which worked first time :) Uploaded the VCMX212 accompanying code with Hyperterminal Ymodem. And launched the Win APP to squirt commands down the USB-UART to the VCMX212, and further via I2C to the VC21RB1. I must admit I did a litte dance when that all worked first time!!! :)

The new motor controller is ALIVE!! :) Superb news. I can now have a look at connecting up some motors, etc..

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