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Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Looks like my problems trying to get Ymodem transfers to work in minicom might be related to a missing package, i.e. lrzsz.

Need to try it later tonight, but I'd assumed that minicom came with X/Y/Z modem transfer code. It seems like the lrzsz package is required by minicom to conduct the actual transfers :S

Fingers crossed that'll sort out all the issues with minicom, and I can get into a happy state dealing with the VCMX212 via Ubuntu :)

So, next step is to rebuild the VCMX212 with uMon and linux. To undo experiment work with linux shared libraries. Then onto tslib and QtE :D

Three solid nights

As the title suggests. It's been three solid nights to get the Silabs CP2101 kernel module driver working. A new Wiki page has been created with steps to build and install this kernel module from source files.

Now I just can't get minicom ymodem transfers to work :S Always something...

Going to head back to WinXP to get the latest Virtual Cogs CVS linux kernel flashed onto the VCMX212. Then back to Ubuntu to carry on Wiki'ing about getting the VC21MM1 touch screen kernel module and test code build, before finally arriving back at the Qt Embedded installation.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Wiki and Kernel rebuilding

Im so frustrated right now. Built up a nice head of steam while setting up Ubuntu and fleshing out the Wiki.. Only to be stumped with an issue with the Silabs cp201x driver crashing!!! I'd been daudalling along nicely until this BHAH!

Anyway, it looks like the Silabs linux driver source requires parts of the kernel source to build the driver module :S

Took a while to chase down the right packages, but have the kernel building now, and the Wiki is up to date with progress.