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Saturday, 7 May 2011

FTP Server and RedFly-Shield Socket class

I have been using Skewworks FTP server class to test my simple RedFly.Socket class. I got to a point where the FTP server was able to respond to a few FTP commands, including using 'get' to retrieve a file from the FEZ Domino SD card. But hit a snag when trying to send a file from the PC to the FTP server. It was becoming obvious that my simple implementation of a Socket class needed to have higher level functionality. Two thoughts were; implementing meaningful exception handling and function parameter checking, and hide in a lower layer the internal socket handling within the RedFly-Shield.

My search lead my to quite a few differing implementations of System.Net.Socket class library functions. Eventually I was draw to the implementation in the OpenSource Mono .Net core.

I've heavily refactored the RedFly.Socket class, and tweaked the FTP server and RedFly-Tester solution (make sure to grab at least r106 from the GoogleCode SVN repository).

As of r106 of the repository, the FTP server can perform most of the commands. 'get' and 'send' are quite limited at the moment though. They are restricted by the number of bytes for a file transferred.

I've got two new steps to take now -
  1. Try the RedFly.Socket class with other example code, such as HTTP client and server, DNS lookups, NTP sync.
  2. Finally update the UART reception handling.