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Wednesday, 18 June 2008

EFSL (Embedded Filesystems Library)

With the issues faced with uMon FATFS (see last blog post), it was a pleasure to come across EFSL. A little confusing though. The latest stable tarball is 0.2.8, whereas the stable CVS is 0.2.9 :S I had a look at the latest development release in CVS, but looks completely different and un-worked on for quite a few months now.

As with DOSFS/FATFS it only needs three functions to be hooked in. Init, single block read (512 bytes), and similar single block write. Perfect! Just the same requirements as the CF/DOSFS interface in uMon :)

Hooking up the SD driver code was easy. Creating a simple uMon API based test app, just as easy. And bonus, it all worked first time. Result!!

Even though having SD card support within uMon is nice. It's nicer to know that with EFSL I can use that standalone or within uMon API test apps.

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