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Sunday, 14 October 2007

Source level debugging working

After the success earlier today getting GDB to work through OpenOCD via Olimex ARM-USB-TINY JTAG connector, I thought I'd revisit Eclipse and check out the Insight debugger supplied with the Yagarto tool chain.

I closely followed Jim Lynch's Eclipse/Insight tutorial (PDF link) to get Eclipse setup with CDT, Insight, and OpenOCD. His tutorial is geared towards using an Olimex prototype board, but can be easily refactored to work with Yagarto and OpenOCD.

I setup the Virtual COGs 'touch' example within Eclipse, and also setup two external tools; namely OpenOCD (using the VC config script from the VC wiki, see previous blog post) and the Insight debugger (found in the Yagarto tool chain).

With the MX212+MM1 device connected via USB (as before) and the ARM-USB-TINY JTAG connected, it was a simple case of running OpenOCD server from inside Eclipse, then calling Insight from inside Eclipse. Insight was able to run to 'main', and then source step through the code :)

After some initial teething issues, everything now seems to be falling in to place. Very encouraging. Irrilicht here I come... :)

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