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Sunday, 14 October 2007


Before popping out for lunch I thought I'd try JTAG/GDB debugging on the MX212. Wow, how easy :) After the shenanigans of getting the right PID setup on the Olimex ARM-USB-TINY JTAG connector XP driver, I wasn't hopefull that the OpenOCD server would be properly working. I came across the config file from VC wiki for the server and sparked it up (link to config file here). OpenOCD server looked like it was running fine in the cmd window (with the ARM-USB-TINY connected first to a USB port of course).

Making sure that JP300 and JP500 (for stack power via USB) were shorted I connected up the MX212 to another USB port on the laptop. The three LEDs on the back of the MX212 were all lit, so ready to go. Also have the VC21MM1 connected to the MX212 in my current default configuration.

Using the 'touch' VC21 example, that I know worked via uMon download, I called up the arm-elf-gdb from Cygwin. Hey-presto GDB kicks into life (thanks to the .gdbinit supplied with this example) and the VC21MM1 becomes active and the 'touch' example is running. Broke into the program in GDB and single stepped the code. All working lovely.

Now just need to go back and setup Eclipse properly for JTAG/GDB work with the MX212... And then on to looking at writing that software driver for the VC21MM1 touchscreen LCD in Irrilicht.

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