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Saturday, 29 September 2007

Virtual COGs package arrived

What a glorious day. Lewis Hamilton has taken pole position for the Japanese GP. There's rugby on the TV all afternoon. The sun has managed to break up the rain clouds. My belly is full of a big breakfast from the local cafe. And best of all; The Virtual COGs order has turned up this morning :)

Just going to start a magnified examination. They were very well packaged. Initial look seems to show no surface mount components that have fallen off in transit from Canada. If they all look good, I'll spark up the laptop and start playing with them (via USB and JTAG).

In this first picture;
Top row - VC21RB1 Robot COG, VC21BR1 Breakout COG, VCMX212 i.MX21 COG
Bottom row - VCLCD43 LCD with touch screen overlay, VC21MM1 Multimedia COG

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