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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Project: Burt - Assembly #3 Motor Interfacing (Part 1/2)

It's time to look deeper into adding the Serial Motor Controller. A couple of custom items need fabricating.

From Project: Burt

The first job was to add some insulation between the motor controller board and the chassis.
A local RC Models Shop had some thin perspex sheets that are ideal for snipping and drilling.
With a simple paper template used to get the area right. Four holes were made to help it align over the battery containers screws and rivet. Taped down that sucker is not moving.

The second item is a small strip board to connect the motor wires, motor power, and Arduino digital IO pins (for TX, RX, and Gnd). I've added one of the blocks from the ScrewShield to take in the 9V battery wires. The four motor wires connect to this strip board. The 9V lines feed into Gnd, and into Vcc via a switch plus LED (and resistor). Jumper wires routed underneath the switch make this the Off position. When toggled, it will be easy to trip this kill switch, and drain the power to the motor controller.

I've added a ScrewShield to help with other interfacing. The three wires from the IR sensor (Vo, Gnd, Vcc) are hooked up (A2, Gnd, 5V).

Plus the addition of the CMUCam3 :)

Tomorrow I'll be posting the second part, along with a video of Burt coming to life :D

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