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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Turbulent times

The end of last year became very turbulent, and resonates through the start of this year for me :( The company I have been contracting for is closing at the end of this week. And in light of the current economic climate it could be tricky to pick up new work. Mistakes made in initial purchase of parts for the robot put a spanner in the works, and it looks like it'll take some time to rectify that and purchase more appropriate parts. Need to keep a roof over my head first :) In the meantime though I do intend to get the bottom of using QTe using the only stable version of Linux I have on the COG system..

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timo said...

Hello Richard,

This is out of scope - no doubt about it - but do you think you have enough VCOG files and data to help me restore boot code on my VCOG board. Managed to erase it and I do not have the memset sequence to initialize the board for HAB toolkit.
And the default one does not work.

Sorry for disturbing!

- timo