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Friday, 10 October 2008

Kernel issues!!! Arghhh!!!

I've only been able to find a few nights to work on this in the last few months :(

Where'd I leave off...

Kernel issues;
Ubuntu setup seems fine. I've tried out different versions/combos with Crosstool compilers. So far, I can get the 2.6.16 kernel rebuilt and working on the VCMX212. But cannot get the 2.6.22 latest CVS snapshot running. It builds fine, but fails to get into BusyBox.

I thought that the issue might have been in the post startup in the kernel. But a rebuilt debug kernel littered with printks shows that is is able to exec post boot commands.

Using the 2.6.16 zImage I can get into Linux and tweak the startup files, inittab etc. Plus I have the coglinux.jffs2 mounted in Ubuntu, so can look at stuff in there (as well as potentionally recreate the file system using BuildRoot or probably MakeRootFS).

So far I've seen it get to the /bin/sh inittab entry. I've tried different Crosstool combos to recompile the kernel, tweaked the 2.6.22 .config to match the 2.6.16 version, reflashed the file system, misc other kernel hacks.. But still no joy to get into BusyBox shell :(

Next step is to start debugging BusyBox startup and ash shell startup..

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