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Wednesday, 14 November 2007


A long overdue post..

I've moved across to looking into why the CMUCam3 HAL driver firmware doesn't like the PQi MMC card I'm using with it. Without access to a scope/analyser it is slow going. I'm testing a custom firmware to step through the MMC SPI startup sequence. So far no indication why it doesn't like the SPI CMD0 sent to the card. Need to head back to that code this week to delve further..

I've also started to hook up OpenCV to the CMUCam3. As a starting point I'm using David Staven's Sparse Optical Flow Demo(PDF) code and AVI. Changing it to UART-talk to the cc3 module and grab camera frames (via a modified CMUCam2 emulation firmware). The Visual Studio workspace is setup, the OpenCV demo working, just need to work on the cc3 interfacing. Then I have a testbed framework to start various image processing experiments :)

Finally, Call Of Duty 4 (PC)... This has sucked up loads of my time. Played solidly all weekend and this week. An initial eight hour stretch to complete single player, before jumping into multiplayer madness.

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